Imago Vitality’s Philosophy 
When we think of health and wellness - we must include not just physical, but emotional, cognitive and spiritual health as well. At Imago Vitality, we believe exercise and activity are the keys to maintaining all aspects of health as we age. We take an holistic approach to health by offering both Personal Training and Shiatsu Therapy.

  Our Goal

To improve the quality of life for our clients by reducing pain, building strength and endurance, improving posture and balance, maintaining range of motion and decreasing stress and tension. You will find everyday activities are easier, risk of injury is reduced and energy is increased.




What is Imago
The butterfly symbolizes transformation, inspiration and beauty – but it also represents freedom.  Freedom of movement, freedom from pain, freedom to do the things in life we want to do.


Just as the butterfly emerges from its cocoon, Baby Boomers are reaching the next stage in life.  We want to assist your transformation into the idealized version of yourself, allowing you to enjoy a full, active, healthy life.


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