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Crystal established Horses Refining Hearts, to inspire, encourage and give hope to all people. The beautiful encounters with the horses challenge women and families to be authentic, explore forgiveness, reconnect and enhance communication, while making room for emotional and spiritual healing.

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Bayview_Naturopathic.jpg Bayview Naturopathic Wellness
We are a family oriented primary health care service in York Region. From speeding up the recovery of physical injuries to eliminating the symptoms of chronic ailment, you and your family can benefit from the knowledge of a licensed naturopathic doctor. Our goal is to provide an elegant solution to complicated health concerns.



Sensible Wellness offers mobile personal training and nutrition and wellness coaching. We believe in taking a sensible and healthy approach to obtain a balanced lifestyle and our slogan taking a sensible approach to healthy living reflects that. In order to achieve a balanced lifestyle, Sensible Wellness believes that all three components need to be addressed: nutrition, exercise and lifestyle management.

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Ilona's classes are all about fun. Lessons are held in a relaxed atmosphere and are adapted to students' levels and special needs. All classes include a yoga inspired warm up, basic functional strength exercises, movement drills and cooldown.

All ages and body shapes are welcome and no previous dance experience is necessary.

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