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Most people understand the benefits of exercise: increased endurance and energy, weight reduction, increased strength and flexibility all leading to a healthier, more durable body that allows us to do the things in life we want to do.


Why Hire a Personal Trainer?

Having a Personal Trainer keeps you motivated to stay on track and meet your goals.  A personal trainer is especially important for those who are unsure how to start an exercise program and need guidance in executing exercises properly.  At Imago Vitality, we offer customized exercise programs and Personal Training in your own home.  This saves you time and money spent on gym fees.




Our Service
Our Personal Trainer will perform a thorough fitness assessment to determine your individual needs and help set achievable short and long-term goals.  They will then develop an exercise program best suited to you, that will address any concerns or complications.  All of this is offered to you in the comfort of your own home.



Why use us?

Imago Vitality's Personal Trainer, Meghan Livingston,  is certified through Can-Fit-Pro, Canada's largest certification organization for fitness professionals. In addition, our trainer is an Older Adult Fitness Specialist and has a certificate in CPR.


You can exercise with confidence, knowing your trainer is aware of your specific needs and concerns.

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