Shiatsu Therapy

Shiatsu is a Japanese word meaning 'finger pressure'. This ancient form of massage uses fingers, thumbs, palms and elbows to apply pressure to the body.  This pressure may be gentle and soothing or it may be deep and stimulating, depending on your needs.  Shiatsu also involves gentle stretching, tapping and some kneading.  The rhythmical massage puts the body into a deep state of relaxation.  In this state the body starts to heal itself, relaxing muscles and easing stress and tension.


Benefits of Shiatsu Therapy include:

  • improved circulatory, lymphatic and digestive systems
  • decreased muscle and joint pain
  • increased flexibility
  • decreased stress and tension 

These benefits will give you increased energy, resistance to disease and an overall feeling of enhanced health and well being.




Why use us?
Having this service brought to your home means that after your Shiatsu massage you can continue to enjoy the deep relaxation and not have to jump into your car to rush off to your next appointment. In addition to her calm and nurturing personality, our Shiatsu Therapist, Meghan Livingston, has over 11 years of experience.  She graduated from the Shiatsu School of Canada in 1999, receiving the Kuzuya Award for academic excellence.  The Shiatsu School of Canada offers the highest level of training available in Canada.


Frequently Asked Questions 

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