“A shiatsu treatment is an oasis of peace & renewal during my busy demanding weeks. Pressure-the right pressure-on the right points releases energy jams in my legs; finally the deep aches in my shoulders caused by too many hours hunched over the computer begin to abate. Those tight, hard knots in the tendons in my neck begin to loosen. A shiatsu treatment is an hour quietly focused on me; time to remember that the whole body is connected.
I have incorporated shiatsu into my health maintenance programs for the last twenty years. It has been invaluable in dealing with the aches and inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis. I have worked with 4 superb practitioners over the years; Meghan’s work is right at the top. To enjoy this treatment at home is a great luxury.”
Debbie, age 59


Meghan has treated me (for neck and shoulder discomfort) for a few years now. When she first started, I was going to a chiropractor every other week. Then my daughter told me about Meghan and her treatments lasted two months. Now it is when ever I need her. I don't know what she does but it works for me. I would recommend her highly.” 
Les, age 67 


 “I am a sixty-four year old woman who has had Polymyalgia Rheumatica (pain in many muscles) for eight years. "P.R." is considered to be an auto-immune disorder with an unknown cause. There is no cure, only treatment - mostly strong drugs such as corticosteroids and Celebrex whose long term use is dangerous.
I have been receiving Shiatsu massage therapy from Meghan for many years and have been able to minimize or completely avoid use of these medications. Her treatments provide immediate and long lasting relief, allowing me to fully enjoy my retirement. 
I believe in Meghan and would recommend her to anyone.

Elinor, age 64


“Before Meghan started coming to see me, I had awful hip and back pain and Arthritis.  Now, the pain in my hip is pretty well gone and my Arthritis is better too.  I love the way I feel after Shiatsu.  I feel like I’m floating on a cloud and I can move without an ache or a pain!”
Annie, 82


Your treatments of Shiatsu give me longer lasting relief from my lower back pain and the pain running down the outside of my legs than my chiropractor visits. I like the fact that you come to me, saving me further discomfort of getting into my car. Thank you.”
Gord, age 63


"Meghan means “New beginnings” to me. Meghan’s science background and a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology lie behind her personally designed fitness routines that are based on your goals and your initial fitness evaluation. Meghan can turn a negative into a positive and outwit any excuses you may have invented. It’s easy to be honest with Meghan because you know she will hold you to your goals. I’m always looking forward to our next session."
Diane, age 57



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